Mr. Winter

from by Orbit's Tears

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Appearing, he enters the winter's forest. His hoof prints leave blood burning in the freshly laid snow. Death accompanies as his oqnly constant; the demonacle awaiting him to fulfill his demands. Appeasing to gain favor in exchange of treasures the soulless seek. In line to command the masses, demolish family values, and claim the innocent souls:

"Teach them to hate cuz the way they're created.
Teach them to divide then hate, isolate, seperate; in this order.
Cause confusion my boys.
Then change the meanings of their words so it angers the others.
This to gain power and control.
What have you brought me my boys?
What have you brought me my children?"

He enters the assembly swallowed in flames. Evil in it's purest form bleeds his putrid malice. Sacrificing based on others' beliefs not attuned to his discipline, "let them learn for themselves." Tempt those promoting sins as he concerns them with what to do.

"Convince them that murder is easy.
Show them control with wealth.
Accomplish desperate lies. In life, nothing else is more important."
Glorified in destruction to idolize the unrighteous idols.
"Poison them and convince them it's for their own safety.
What have you brought me my boys?
What have you brought me my children?"

"Send them to hell with me if you cannot complete this.
The consumption of your spiritual essence shall be suffered.
At the fate of my hand, pulled to the world below, all shall watch and learn; Listen as they're controlled."

"Teach the men to run from their children
Desensitize their sons and daughters.
Show them no respect so they can give it with no honor.
The slaughter of one amongst the hungry crowd.
Hurt them with chemicals.
Twist them with desires of blood.
What have you brought me my boys?
What have you brought me my children?"

You're a cold, cold soul Mr. Winter.


from Orbit's Tears, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Orbit's Tears Chicago, Illinois

Orbit's Tears is a Chicago-based group dedicated to telling the story of Orbit and the world that has shaped her life. Since its foundation in 2012 Orbit's Tears has created a unique sound and an energetic live show. Whether listening to the story or dancing to the beats, you will walk away with a feeling of satisfaction, and you will return with a hunger for more. ... more

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